(c) Kevin F. Dwyer

ITALY, 2015

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IMG_5093 IMG_5089Couple WallIMG_3947IMG_3986IMG_3953IMG_4170IMG_4076IMG_4044IMG_4117IMG_5786IMG_5168IMG_5953IMG_5929IMG_4067SesnaIMG_5344IMG_5341IMG_5269IMG_5205IMG_4772IMG_4793QuarterIMG_4579IMG_4572IMG_4763IMG_4614IMG_4495IMG_4306IMG_4211IMG_4091IMG_5556IMG_4827IMG_4898Reflection GlassSan {elligrinoIMG_5483IMG_5471Guys VenicePantheonCassock and BoysIMG_4261IMG_4285IMG_4372IMG_4532IMG_4575IMG_5052 copyIMG_4109IMG_4732IMG_4856IMG_4971IMG_5071IMG_5572IMG_5705IMG_5745IMG_5772IMG_5815IMG_5872Nins VatIMG_4474IMG_4903IMG_5147IMG_5215IMG_5442IMG_5116IMG_5078Swiss and Nuns Boy and Statue


Author: ponderosa65

Born in Quincy, Massachusetts. Raised in Hanover, Massachusetts. Currently living in West Oakland, California.

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